Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem TM

Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem TM is a new holistic therapy devised by Professor of Reflexology Lone Sorensen Lopez over a period of 25 years.  By combining her knowledge of Acupressure points, Oriental Energy Meridians, traditional Vietnamese and South American Indian (Malpuche) Face Mapping and Modern Neuroanatomy she has produced a multifaceted profoundly relaxing and powerful treatment.

Following a consultation examining medical history and current symptoms, a personal treatment plan is devised tailored to your needs.

The treatment consists of 7 basic steps. Firstly using Rose Hip Seed Oil I stimulate the Neurovascular points on the face which assist in relaxing and balancing the body.  This is followed by deep investigative strokes searching for various grades of deposits beneath the skin which show imbalances within the body.  By continuing to stimulate and massage various points and zones on the face, impulses are sent via meridians and the central nervous system to promote wellbeing  and balance hormonally, emotionally and physically.  Naturally this will also work on blood circulation and the lymphatic system together with stimulating the muscles of the face.  Extra steps can be added including Cranial lines and points (on the scalp), Intestinal link (on the face) and Nerve points.

This treatment by working holistically offers:

Increased relaxation
Release of tension
Improved sleep
Improved mood
Increased wellbeing

Cost of treatments

50 to 60 minute Treatment            £35

75 minute Treatment
(including muscle stimulation)       £45

90 minute Treatment
(to include 30 mins Reiki)              £50

A course of 6 treatments               £180

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I completed a Post Graduate course in Neurological Issues in 2012 and a course on Ocular Therapy in June 2013.

Please see Ocular Therapy page for more information on this therapy.

Case Studies

Client with Menopausal problems

' I visited Sue with a hope but not belief that she would be able to help me. I had previously had a hysterectomy (11 years prior) and in the last year increasingly suffered menopausal symptoms which made my life very difficult.
I was experiencing night sweats and hence no sleep, which was affecting my relationship with my husband and family.  I never felt fresh or energised and although I had visited my doctor several times for a solution all that was offered were pills i.e. sleeping or anti-depressants.
I have had 6 sessions of Facial Reflexology with Sue resulting in no night sweats and a better nights sleep that is refreshing and deep.  My skin is better and my headaches have reduced.  Any anxiety that I had has gone and I now feel better.  I do not need to analyse how it works but I had an open mind.  I would recommend anyone to give it a go.  It has certainly helped me and my family.'
                                                                                        Julie C         Yate, Bristol

Client with Mixed Connective Tissue disorder, Raynaulds, Reflux, Migraines.

'I thought the treatments were great and they really made me feel so relaxed, and having you explain what you were doing and how the treatment worked gave me so much faith and confidence in the treatment.   I am so pleased with the result of being pain free in my legs and arms where I was getting such dreadful nerve pain and how now have got feeling back in my legs etc which were numb for years and so much more energy and feeling relaxed.  Also my migraines have almost stopped with just the occasional one and I have stopped taking my reflux tablets as not necessary.  I would certainly recommend this treatment as it has definitely changed my life.'

                                                                                   Christina M        Devizes