Ocular Therapy

Ocular Therapy is an aspect of Facial Reflexology.
The treatment starts with the first 3 steps of a standard Facial Reflexology treatment.  
By stimulating the Neuro Vascular Points on the face a feeling of relaxation can spread throughout the body as the Meridians are balanced.
The therapist then searches over the face for an area that shows an imbalance by using deep searching movements.  The affected Meridian is then stimulated by short quick strokes.

Every part of the Eye is represented by a Meridian pair and by working on various acupressure points around the eye the therapist aims to bring balance to the energy flow to these areas.
This would entail pressing and holding a number of points.

The treatment is very relaxing and also encourages blood flow to the muscles of the face and also helps to repair and nourish the skin.