Reiki 1

Mikao Usui introduced Reiki as a 'Natural form of Healing' in the mid twentieth century. 

Many people feel that after experiencing a Reiki treatment they wish to learn Reiki to use on themselves or family and friends.

At this level you are initiated to the Reiki energy by four Attunement processes over two days.  During the course you learn 'What Reiki is', the History of Reiki, how to carry out a Self Treatment, the Uses of Reiki, the Reiki Principles, How to set up a Healing space and how to carry out a Treatment on others. 

The class will be adapted to suit the needs of the students and covers all the essential elements of teaching Reiki over the two days.  Each class consists of a minimum of 12 hours of training.

Each student receives a Certificate, a Manual covering all aspects of the class plus extra useful information and a CD.

Cost for this level is £125.  (A discount of up to 30% is available for students on incapacity benefit or income support depending on class size).  (If I hold a class outside of Yate nr Bristol there may be additional costs for travel and accommodation dispersed between the students.)

A further workshop is offered for students to carry out treatments under supervision as well as regular Reiki shares for students of all levels to continue their development.

Any student who after training recommends new students that complete a course will receive a £10 bonus towards their next level.