Reiki 2

The Reiki Second Degree class is held over two days and is open to those level 1 students who have made use of the energy for at least three months. There is a minimum of 12 hours of training to cover this class.

Students will receive and learn:

Reflect on Level One experiences and knowledge
Two Attunements to Second Degree Reiki
Learn the 3 Reiki Symbols and their uses
How to send Reiki to others by using Distant Healing
How to work on Mental and Emotional Healing and Personal Development
Practise using the symbols
Understand the importance of keeping a Journal

This level is sometimes referred to as Reiki Practitioner level.

On completing the course and homework the student receives a Certificate and Manual.

Cost for level 2 is £250 (up to 30% discount is available for students on income support or incapacity benefit depending on class size). If I am holding the class outside of Yate there may be additional travel and accommodation costs).

Postgraduate workshops are available following attunement to this level - 'Reiki Tools' and 'Reiki Professional' offering Continuous Professional Development.